Peter J O’Leary

When I was first introduced to Richard Barratt at Modal Training Centre, Immingham, I never thought I would be introduced to so much available knowledge and skill in one place, both free and paid for, to a small business. For example, the masterclass for Transport Managers, is a refresher course for those who hold this qualification, or a taster for those who wish to enrol on this course at a later date. This is a free seminar for MODAL’s GAIN clients, there is also a masterclass for Marketing coming up, again, free.


What sets these apart is the quality of the trainers. The GAIN Project is a great example of funding being used to help, support and offer guidance to local businesses.


Will GAIN help me, will it help you? Yes, sign up and join in. I am new to the Haulage Industry and I feel very lucky to have on-hand quality advice, support and training under one roof.


Mick Drewery

We have been involved in the GAIN project for the last couple of months. The Logistics Business Advisor is providing my business with professional support, guidance, advice and the opportunity to network within the industry. This gives me the desire to grow my business.


The masterclasses I found very interesting and beneficial to my business.


A special thanks to the GAIN Team.