Free webinar – Increasing Warehousing Efficiencies to Standardise Operations
Guest Speaker – James Deane, Co-Owner and Director of Production Support.

About this webinar:

In today’s fast paced, service orientated economy, receiving and delivering the right products on time is what makes and keeps the customer happy. Having efficient warehouse operations is the cornerstone of this happiness and getting it right can have an enormous impact on the success of the business and sets you ahead of the competition. Running a warehouse is very demanding, with the pressures of reduced operating costs, meeting same day/next day demand, increasing numbers of SKU, changes with seasonal demand and shortages of space can make it even more difficult, so improving and optimizing operational efficiency is of vital importance.


This webinar will give you some useful insight on how to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations based on the principles of Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement methodologies. You shall be introduced to some tools and techniques which can be easily implemented to help maximise efficiencies and increase productivity. Key to the Lean philosophy is identifying and removing wasteful activities which don’t create or add value, this webinar will look at how to spot and remove these wastes. We shall also introduce Lean workplace organisation techniques such as 5S, which can help to standardise operations to improve work flow, reduce processing time, reduce errors and make efficient use of warehouse space.


About the project


Fully-funded business growth advice is available for Greater Lincolnshire based small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) within the logistics sector, this includes the supply chains within these sectors.

It is challenging to grow your business which is why at MODAL Training Centre we offer business advice which is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, to grow your local business. If this is something you think your business would benefit from join us on Thursday 25th February to find out how we can help you.

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