What’s that coming over the hill….?

What’s that coming over the hill….?

17apr14:0017:00What’s that coming over the hill….?

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The Business Trends you’ll be glad we told you about…….

E-Factor is delighted to bring you an afternoon of insight into the technology and trends facing your business in the very near future.

Our Keynote speaker is the incredible, award-winning, bestselling author and one of the most in-demand speakers in the world on the topics of change, digital transformation, innovation and the future…. Jonathan Macdonald.

Jonathan has been creating and advising businesses for over three decades and was the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association and Commercial Director for Ministry of Sound.

An entrepreneur and investor, he has over ten start-ups to his credit and advised well-known, blue-chip companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Lego, Heineken, Sony and IKEA

His first book “Powered By Change“ became a Sunday Times Bestseller and won the 2019 Business Book Awards. His latest book, The Rise Of Advanced Thought is enjoying the same popularity.

His talk will inspire, inform, and give you an incredible insight into the near future and we are delighted to be able to bring him to Northern Lincolnshire.

Our second speaker Stuart Green is a Cyber Security Expert, and owner of The Armour Group. Stuart is the Group Managing Director at the Armour Group of Companies and oversees the operations of Network Armour, Digital Armour, Airborne Armour, Dark Armour and Coded Armour as they operate worldwide across the full cybersecurity spectrum. The Armour Group now protects organisations locally, nationally and internationally against external and internal threats in the cyber and physical planes. An ethical hacker, privacy advocate, ISO27001 lead auditor and implementer and veteran of 23 years’ service with the Royal Air Force. Security is in his blood!

Stuart will leave you reeling as he demonstrates… live…. how easy it is to discover detailed information about a business, its systems, its supply chain and even its staff! He will show how that information may be used by criminals to exploit your business and, to everyone’s relief, provide simple, effective and cost free steps that you can take to improve your security. If there are cyber monsters coming over the hill.. this is the talk you want to hear.

Our third speaker, Geoffrey Bye, participated in the first cohorts of MIT’s prestigious “Artificial Intelligence – Implications for Business Strategy” and is a Chartered Institute of Marketing Fellow. He is also the founder of the AI Futures Platform, aimed at accelerating the adoption of AI such as Chat GPT into all aspects of Government and business. His work with blue chip companies and SME’s puts Geoff in a unique position of being ahead of the curve when it comes to the explosion of AI into our world, and translating what needs to be known into non-technical business speak.

As Geoffrey explains, Artificial Intelligence has already come over the hill into the foothills and the valleys of business and society and is being used by many to transform the way they do business. Already available on your phones and laptops, the big game changer is just around the corner, when 1.2bn users of Microsoft 365 have Generative Artificial Intelligence – called Copilot – at their beck and call.

Geoffrey will explain this meteoric advancement in Generative AI, highlight how SMEs can use it to enhance business productivity and creativity, and discuss the implications it has for jobs and society.

As always at an E-Factor event there will be refreshments and ample chance to meet with Business people from across Northern Lincolnshire.

Entry fee is £15 per person but FREE to all of E-Factor’s Business Hive Club Members.

(Please contact The Business Hive on [email protected] if you are a member for the discount code)



(Monday) 14:00 - 17:00


Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort

Ermine Street, Broughton, DN20 0AQ